Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle



Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle  

Not many people can finish their soda glass, and crumple it up in a bag afterward, like paper.

But you can with Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle.  An easy-to-use and highly simple silicone product that can be used to elicit laughter over and over again. 

Easy to Use! Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle is extremely easy to use.  Simply place it into a bag and crumple it up. There really isn't much more to it!


  • Easy To Learn - Place Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle into a bag and crumple it up in front of amazed onlookers.

  • Work with the Gimmick - Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle works best accompanied with a real coke bottle. This combination will dramatically increase your chances of being successful with the trick!

This trick is simple and compatible with ALL age groups. 


1 x Wian's Vanishing Coke Bottle 


Disclaimer - Does not ship to South Africa & India