Wian's Levitating Cards


Ready set, levitate. 


Wian’s Floating Cards Illusion is an easy-to-use tool, perfect for children and adults alike! 

 This product is functional and lightweight, perfect for users who want to master the art of the levitating illusion.

 Wow your friends and family ...

Safe for children! Keep your loved ones entertained and educated for hours! The Levitation set trains hand-eye coordination and makes for an amazing show.

Take it with you anywhere (anytime). Amaze people on the go with your new mystry skill, any place, any time.



Easy To Assemble

The levitation set is simple to assemble and only take 2 mintues to set up. Simply follow the set up instructions you recieved with the trick to get the trick up and running.

Easy To Learn

This trick may seem complicated but it's easy to learn and in a couple days you will be a master! 


This trick can be used to levitate a variety of lightweight objects, like money (notes & coins), pens, pencils, cornflakes, straws are anything lightweight that you can imagine.

Make the trick more REAL by levitating multiple different objects and become a real master.

All will be revilied inside.


Durable, the tricks design incoperates standard cards which can withstand bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact. Keep the good times spinning. 

Keep the cards away from water.



1 x Levitation card

1 x Levitation Secrets

1 x Trick Guide (only for this trick)

Doesn't include Ring (use any ring)